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On December 17th 2013 we lost an important building in our downtown artist district. Hope that day seemed to evaporate with the senseless and needless fire. But is hope really lost? In the last year 11 properties have changed hands on Main Street from 6th Street to 7th Street and S. 7th from Main St. to South Street are home owners. These people are artists, entrepreneurs, business men and women, thinkers, builders, doers. I see community and I see place. Work on all these properties continues. We will have our downtown back. We will see the “streets of the city restored”.

By the way, Pam’s plan for the empty lot on 6th Street is an other garden. My thanks to all of our friends and brave hearts who put their time, money, and souls into continue making the downtown our home! Thank you for the joy I feel as I take my walks around our streets.

Blessings to all.