The Water Show 2017



Water Series #12                  48″ x 60″               Asphalt, Alkyds                 2017


The sky is like an opal

with a fire in its breast —

all cool and grey without

but hot within,

whose sun,

‘neath the horizon,

is not content to sleep,

but defies the sluggish moon to reel it in.

Kathleen Seiler                             



Water Series #14,                  48″ x 60″              Asphalt, Alkyds               2017 


To Matthew:

When you were just a little boy,

I tried to teach you well

of dragons, trolls and fairies

of angels, elves, and Hell.

I still believe that angels

can flatten trolls with but a stroke.

— I swear that there were Virgins once

(before the heavens broke).

A dragon lives in Lock Ness

(They’ll prove it one day, sure).

And every day the elves and fairies

dance before the Pure.

Kathleen Seiler                           


Water Series #1,               48″ x 60″               Asphalt, Alkyds                   2017

If I had known how dry you were

I would have given you water.

If I had known you were hungry for bread,

I’d have given you mine, no matter.

I supposed you wanted to taste the sea,

to see if the brine’s flat or stale—


While I sat at home, awaiting your verdict,

you boarded your ship and set sail.

Kathleen Seiler                  


Water Series #10,                 48″ x 60″              Asphalt, Alkyds                  2017

We’re off into uncharted seas again.

At least we’re together.

Please stay close as we take the plunge –

I’ll be breathless –

but, the icy waters will warm

if you hold my hand.




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This is #20 in the Asphalt and Alkad Water Series which premiered in a collaborative exhibition with Michael Seiler's wife Kathleen Seiler. Her poetry was coupled with each painting.