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Empty Chairs

One of greatest joys of our lives has been our friends. First Friday Art walks have become a time where we can sit down and talk. Hearing everyone’s stories ties us together. Home becomes much larger than were we live. Home is “place”, where extended families inter act and broaden our vision and our world.

Our lives will be changed forever and going back to former lives is not necessarily a good thing. Some the greatest thinking and scientific and mathematic discoveries took place with the backdrop of the Black Plague in the 1660’s. My maternal grandfather born in the late 1880’s lived through two world wars, the Korean and Viet Nam wars, saw the invention of the car and air plane and the landing on the moon, and the Great Depression once said to me, “the good ol’ days were not so good.”

I don’t want to return to the past. Our future becomes our new lives. We will still make choices that will help form how we will live and who we will be.

This will pass, but we should come out of this a better people, I hope.

Most of all, we miss you all.

Mike & Kathy

See you soon
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Creative Place Making Training

David and I have been talking about the up coming Creative Place Making Training at the Pioneer school or better known as PSZ, May 18th. More to come.

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Community Nativity Project 

Coming to the studio December 2, 3, 10, & 17: community nativity project. Everyone is invited to help make a piece of our nativity in clay. Here we are unloading 1,000 pounds of clay. 

Hillary Hendricks, Doug Jeck, and me