This Asphalt and Alkyd painting, with Michael Seiler is an excellent example of his Contemporary fine art, which was part of several exhibitions in galleries and museums and may be seen at Seilers' Studio and Gallery in Zanesville, Ohio.


Seilers’ Studio and Gallery 129 S. 7th Street Zanesville, OH 43701

Michael R. Seiler’s  Artist Statement

These works were created in a traditional manner, using wood stretchers with heavly gessoed canvas, however that is where traditional ends. I use asphalt and alkyd as my  primary mediums. I have chosen asphalt because asphalt’s nature is labile, and has the potential for unexpected change. So life, ever changing, brings both good and ill. Asphalt, smooth and shiny, also reflects the colors of its surroundings. We likewise, in our personal journey, reflect the “colors” of our experiences. The alkyds lend some chemical changes and instability to the work. On occasion, color is added to signify some emotional element, demonstrating the very nature of redemption in a particular situation.

Like the early German Expressionists and the Neo-Expressionists, I attempt to speak to the spirit and the time of my world. I paint my groanings on canvases to express my personal experiences of failure and redemption, solitude and intimacy, and the pleasure and pain of relationships. The actual painting process begins in semi-automatic fashion progressing to deliberate form.


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